3 Dental Charities That Deserve Your Attention


You know that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes along with making someone smile? Don’t you want more of that in your life?

Of course you do! So take a look at our round-up of three (dental-related!) charities that deserve your attention.

Psst! No extra money to donate or time to volunteer these days? Do a little good by spreading the word about these charities on your social media channels. You never know who you might inspire to help out!

  1.   America’s ToothFairy

Their mission: “America’s ToothFairy® is focused on eliminating severe childhood tooth decay by supporting delivery of oral health education and services to at-risk children.”

The basics: The America’s ToothFairy / Canada’s ToothFairy Affiliate Network of community-based oral health clinics and outreach programs provides dental care and education services to hundreds of thousands of at-risk kids each year.

How you can help: Make a donation. If you make a purchase through Amazon, select them as your charity of choice. You can also peruse their “Get Involved” page for more suggestions on how to help out.

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  1. Global Dental Relief

Their mission: “To bring free dental care to children throughout the world”.

The basics: Volunteer dentists, hygienists, assistants and non-dental volunteers deliver treatment and preventive care in dental clinics that serve children in schools, orphanages and remote villages.

Global Dental sets up volunteer clinics around the world. Current project locations include Kenya, Cambodia, Nepal, Vietnam, Guatemala and Ladakh.

How you can help: Shop The Global Dental Storemake a monetary donationbecome a sponsor or donate supplies.

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  1. Give Back a Smile

Their mission: “The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation (AACDCF) assists in rebuilding the smiles and lives of adults who’ve suffered dental injuries from domestic and sexual violence, through compassionate cosmetic dental services and support programs.”

The basics: The Give Back a Smile program offers free “smile zone” (A.K.A the front 8 teeth) dental services to survivors of domestic violence.

How you can help: Make a donation. You can also check out their roundup of “10 Ways To Support GBAS” by clicking here.

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