One-Visit Crowns: Everything You Need To Know About The Cerec® System

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We have been pretty vocal about the fact that we are super thrilled about our in-office Cerec® System on our social media channels (side note: If you haven’t connected to us through on our Twitter and Facebook pages, you really should!), but we wanted to talk a little bit more about this cutting-edge technology, especially in terms of what it can do for our patients. Because, honestly, that is the part you care about, right?

Here is What The Cerec® System Process Entails:

Step One: Taking A Digital Impression

Basically, the Cerec® “3D intra-oral camera” will be used to create a digital impression of your teeth. All you have to do is bare your teeth for a minute or two, because the digital impression is taken just by gliding the camera wand over your pearly whites.

Step Two: Designing Your Ceramic Restoration

Next, Dr. Vista will use the Cerec® software to design a custom restoration for you, based on the digital impression mentioned above (which appears on the     Cerec® computer screen).

Step Three: Creating Your Crown

Dr. Vista will fabricate your ceramic restoration by placing a ceramic block in the   Cerec® milling unit. Streams of water will be used to shape this ceramic block into a customized, high-quality ceramic restoration. Then, once the restoration is ready, it will be seated into your mouth. And that’s it!

The Biggest Perk:

There are quite a few perks to opting for one-visit ceramic restorations with Cerec® (i.e. not having to have a temporary crown installed in between appointments, higher-quality restorations, no messy impressions, etc.), but the one that will probably appeal to you as a patient most is the fact that allows us to do crowns in one visit instead of two.

And even though we LOVE seeing you, we know that you have better things to do than trek to our office for two-part dental procedures.

To learn more about The Cerec® System, you can peruse the Cerec® Online website. You can also head to our webpage to watch a comprehensive video on the process by clicking here.

Have any comments, questions or concerns about The Cerec® System (or anything else that is on your mind)? Get in touch with us by giving us a call at (650) 871-1430. And if you would like to make an appointment with us, feel free to use our online appointment request form.