Men’s Health Month: Awareness, Prevention, Education & Family

men's health month

We wrote a post on National Facial Protection Month and a post on Oral Cancer Awareness Month back when these two awareness-raising events were going on in April.

So, since we are already nearing the middle of Men’s Health Month, we wanted to share some important information about this event too, especially since June 15-21st is also Men’s Health Week.

The Basics:

Men’s Health Month is anchored by a Congressional health education program and it aims “to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys”.

Pretty terrific goal, if you ask us.

In a nutshell: Men, now is the perfect time to schedule a checkup with your doctor, to start taking the stairs, to drink plenty of water, to make an appointment with your dentist (hi!) and to begin prioritizing your health.

Feeling inspired? Excellent! Here are just a few ways that you can show your support for this very noble cause.

  1.    Post & Tweet Away.

As always, spreading the word on social media never hurts. Don’t forget to include #MensHealthMonth. The men (and women) in your social circle just might do the same!

Oh and we also highly recommend that you snap a pic of yourself donning something blue and post it with #ShowUsYourBlue on all of your social media channels. Bonus points if you do this while attending one of the many Men’s Health Month events.

  1.    Purchase Some Merch.

The MHN store has a lot of “spread the word”-esque items, but those probably aren’t the best choice for you, since many require bulk orders.

Instead, check out these mugs or these t-shirts and this hat.

PS: They even sell “Prostate Stress Balls”!

  1.    Print + Distribute Posters.

Go here and pick whatever flyer(s) you think will be most effective. Print a few out and pass them out to people around town. You can even just post them up in a local coffee shop or something if you are pressed for time!

Super simple, no?

  1.    Make a Donation.

Help the Men’s Health Network achieve their goal of improving “the health and well-being of men, boys and families” by making a monetary contribution to their cause.

If you want to see more actions steps that you can take during Men’s Health Month, click here.