Deceiving Your Dentist: 3 Reasons Why This Is A Major No-No

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If you’re NOT tuned into the dental world at all (or if you just need a quick refresher), a study that was conducted for the American Academy of Periodontology recently revealed a LOT about the way patients are interacting with their dentists.

One finding from the study (which you can learn more about here, if you are so inclined) that really stuck out to us was the fact that around 27% of people lie to their dentists about their flossing habits. That’s a pretty high percentage of patients, obviously.

So, now seemed as good of a time as any to give you three reasons why you shouldn’t lie to your dentist, like, at all, ever.

  1.    You are only shooting yourself in the foot.

Think about it. Your dentist most likely deals with patients that DO NOT prioritize their oral health often on a daily basis. Even if you manage to pass a lie off as the truth to your dentist, your teeth will not be fooled.

  1.    Some embarrassing dental issues might actually be indicators of real oral health problems.

You might be embarrassed to discuss certain, not so charming details about what is going on in your mouth. And while this isn’t exactly LYING, it isn’t exactly being honest with your dentist either.

A perfect example of this is bleeding gums*. Bleeding gums don’t just come from frantically-flossing-before-a-dental-appointment-for-the-first-time-all-month or when you are just beginning a twice-a-day flossing routine and your gums are adjusting—in some cases, they might be a sign that you have gingivitis.

So be upfront. Blushing briefly is way better than suffering in silence.

  1.       Your dentist can tell that you’re lying.

Because they can see your teeth. And you can swear up and down that you have been brushing and flossing daily/replacing your toothbrush every 3-4 months/etc., but the proof is in the pudding. Okay, not pudding. The proof is in your teeth, on your tongue and in your gums.

Long story short: Don’t lie to your dentist. You are just making their job harder while compromising your own oral health. Besides, your dentist is on your side!


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