How To Pick Out The Perfect Toothbrush

We gave you a bit of “how-to” dental advice in 3 Ways You Can Determine Whether Or Not Your Dentist Is Perfect For You, but we figured you might also be in need of a few toothbrush-finding tips.

So, here are three things to keep in mind when you are shopping for a toothbrush.

1. Buying A Toothbrush With The ADA Seal Is Probably A Good Move.

This is easy-peasy, but you should always, always, always purchase an American Dental Association (ADA)-approved toothbrush. Just look for the following seal of acceptance and you’ll be on the right track:

You can also peruse a list of ADA-approved manual toothbrushes here.

2. Bells & Whistles Aren’t Strictly Necessary.

Some people want their toothbrushes to have special features. And while cool features (like a built-in tongue scraper) are nice, they aren’t exactly essential. So don’t be swayed by features alone! It is actually more important to consider whether the size of the head of a toothbrush will be suited for your mouth.

We hear how ridiculous that sounds, but some people’s mouth require larger or smaller than the standard toothbrush size—which, by the way, is one inch tall and half an inch wide, in case you were curious—in order to reach all of the nooks and crannies of their mouth.

3. Soft Bristles Are Best (Usually).

Hard bristles may damage enamel in some cases. Obviously, damaging your enamel is not good for your pearly whites’ overall health, which is why opting for a toothbrush with soft bristles makes absolute sense.

Soft bristles do a fine job, as long as you brush for two full minutes, two times a day. Oh and if you have any questions about whether soft, medium or hard bristles would be best for your teeth, go ahead and ask your dentist which they would suggest for your chompers.

Now that you have the tools to pick out a perfect-for-you toothbrush, don’t forget to read up on the importance of replacing it every 3-4 months, which we explained in detail in The #1 Toothbrush Care Faux Pas (And A Few Tips To Help You Avoid Committing It).