World Smile Day®: A Quick Overview

World Smile Day® is on October 2nd*this year and we wanted to write up a little something as a way to sort-of commemorate the occasion. We have already rounded up several reasons why smiling is good for you (and for those around you!) in A National Smile Week Round-Up Of Reasons To Smile back in August, so we figured we would provide you with a little background information about this event before offering up suggestions on how to celebrate it.

In 1963, Harvey Ball created the now-very-famous yellow “Smiley” face for an insurance company. He firmly believed that people “should devote one day a year to smiles and kind acts” and soon the idea for World Smile Day® was born. First celebrated in 1999, this event takes place on the first Friday of each October and aims to inspire people to do good deeds. It is now sponsored by The Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation, which was founded after Ball’s passing in 2001.

*If you are reading this on October 2nd, Happy World Smile Day!

So, without further fuss or fanfare, here are three ways that you can make someone smile in honor of World Smile Day.

1. Make a donation to a charity that brings joy to those in need.

This doesn’t really warrant a lengthy explanation, of course! We actually talked about 3 Dental Charities That Deserve Your Attention a while ago, but you can also head to CharityNavigator.Org to find a trust-worthy charity to donate your money or time to.

2. Tell a joke/Pay someone a compliment/Give someone a flower/Etc.

Just do something NICE for someone. And it doesn’t matter whether that someone is a stranger, a friend or a family member, the point is to make anyone’s day a little better!

3. Spread the world about this event on social media.

You can (and should!) take a photo of something smile-inducing and post it across your social media channels, along with the hashtag #WorldSmileDay. It really is as simple as that.

Oh and the team behind World Smile Day® have created a Facebook and Twitter page for the event, so be sure to like and follow those accounts for some smile-tastic news come World Smile Day.