Holiday Tooth Prep Tips

We have been dishing out advice on how to keep your teeth as healthy as possible on our blog since its inception (see 3 Terrible Dental Habits To Avoid At All Costs, 5 Mouth-Healthy Foods You Should Be Eating, 3 Simple Ways To Avoid Tooth Stains for proof) but the holiday season prevents a whole new arena of tooth-damaging habits.

Since Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, we wanted to give you a few tips to help you navigate the world of fall and wintertime oral health care woes before the holiday season was in full swing.

Here are three holiday tooth tips that are worth heeding.

1. Tote a travel-sized toothbrush and miniature floss with you when you go to holiday parties.

This is pretty “duh”-level advice, we know. That said, you don’t want to wander around with food stuck in your teeth at any event. Doing so is not super great for your teeth and you don’t want to be low-key picking your teeth in the corner all night long, trust us.

2. Go easy on the alcohol.

Wine is notorious for its ability to tinge teeth, so we won’t waste words explaining why you should limit your consumption of this beverage—though we WILL remind you to brush before you sip on any since the stains cling to the plague on your pearly whites.

You should also try to avoid over-indulging in any type of alcoholic drink, as they are often quite dehydrating. As we are fond of mentioning, dehydration generally is not a positive thing for your oral health or your body.

3. Try not to snack incessantly.

‘Tis the beginning of the season, we know. We totally understand that it is so easy to graze while you are cooking, prepping or waiting to chow down on a big holiday meal. But seasonal snacking tends to lead to a eating more sweets overall and, of course, sugary treats can cause cavities. We can probably all agree that more cavities is a bad thing, right?

If you must snack, try to reach for healthier fare, like cheese and vegetables.

Stay tuned for more holiday oral health advice from Vista Dental Care!