3 Twitter Accounts To Follow For A+ Dental Talk

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Twitter can be used to stay up-to-date and in-the-know about all sorts of topics.  The trick is to find out who to follow in order to gain insight/learn tips/get informed about a given topic. So, on that note, let us introduce you to three Twitter accounts to follow for top-notch tweets about our favorite subject—oral health.

1. Howard Farran DDS

We aren’t 100% positive that Dr. Howard is actually the one behind the keyboard of this account, but whoever is churning out the tweets on this account is doing a stellar job. They also brilliantly balance light-hearted, funny tweets with genuinely informative ones.

2. Safco Dental Supply

Much like Dr. Howard, Safco Dental consistently provides followers with compelling content. Bonus points for their willingness to spark up conversations with other Twitter users on the regular.

3. The Dental Suite

Fun? Check. Positive? Check. Engaging? Also check. Trust us, these guys are worth a follow.

Stay tuned for more “who to follow” roundups! Oh and don’t forget to follow Vista Dental Care on Twitter if you aren’t already doing so!



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