Give Kids A Smile Day

Give Kids A Smile

Have you heard of Give Kids A Smile Day? If so, we are quite impressed at how in tune you are with current dental events. If not, don’t worry—we are about to tell you everything you need to know.

This event was launched by the American Dental Association in 2003.

It takes place on the first Friday of February. That is February 5th this year, in case you don’t feel like pulling out your calendar to check.

The goal of GKAS events are to be touch points for children who do not receive dental care, for whatever reason [and the hope is to establish] a dental home for these children – in other words, provide continuity of care.

Since it began, it has allowed more than five million under-served children to receive free oral health services.

It is sponsored by some pretty stellar companies. Let’s take a moment to send a mental “kudos” to these sponsors for putting their money where their mouths are*.

Now go forth and spread the word about this event on social media and through word-of-mouth with your friends and family. If you are in a particularly giving mood, we also suggest that you consider lending your support to these 3 Dental Charities That Deserve Your Attention.

*We know that there is probably an oral care health pun or joke in there somewhere. If you think of one, share it with us via any one of our social media channels.

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