The Most Interesting Mouth Guards Designs On The Market

April is a month of mouth-mindfulness, as it is both Oral Cancer Awareness Month (which you can learn more about here and here) and National Facial Protection Month (which you can learn more about here).

Since we have covered the ins and outs of National Facial Protection Month when it rolled around last year, we wanted to do something a little more light-hearted to celebrate this time around. We somehow landed on round-up-a-few-attention-snatching-mouthguards for you to look at. Note the “to look at” since it is important than you get your mouth guard from your dentist so that it can be properly customized for your teeth.

Anyway, let’s jump right in.

Choice #1 


This is from Mighty Mouth Guards and it is as colorful as our wildest dreams could have imagined a mouth guard to ever be. We are loving the rainbow, clearly. It is just so bright and peppy!

Choice #2

mouth guard 2

It goes without saying that this 4 Colors LED Flashing Light Flash Mouth Guard Piece Mouthpiece Mouthguard Party toy from ReFaXi isn’t a REAL mouth guard, right? This flashy mouth décor is a bit over-the-top for us, but it is still kind of fun to contemplate wearing one of these on Halloween or to a sports game or something.

Choice #3

Gold Chrome

We know that including two entries from the same company in a three-entry roundup just screams “Lame!”, but we just couldn’t click away from this Mighty Mouth Guards Gold Chrome mouth guard after we stumbled upon it and we thought you needed to know that it exists. It glimmers, it’s golden and it is much less eyebrow-raising than their 3D Chrome Teeth one. Score!

Make an appointment with us to get your mouth guard sooner than later. Your post-rough-housing teeth with thank you.



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