More Dental Jokes We Can’t Get Enough Of: Dental Hygienist Edition

A few months ago, we shared some of our all-time favorite chuckle-inducing cracks with you in 5 Dental Jokes That We Will Never, Ever Get Tired of Hearing. We always want to bring new smiles to you faces though, which is why we went ahead and found a few more that you’re bound to enjoy, this time with a twist.

Seeing as National Dental Hygienists Week isn’t TOO far in the past (it takes place on the second week of April each year), we opted to focus our attention on funny dental hygienist-related pieces of humor.

Funny Because It’s True

dental humor 1

This one is from someecards—the source of many of our favorite dental memes, incidentally. This speaks volumes about how dedicated to their professional/well-trained dental hygienists are. Plus, it’s true 99.99% of the time. Ask your dental hygienist if you don’t believe us.

It’s Done

dental humor 2

We can’t locate the 100%-for-certain original source of this, but this was posted on Like the previous entry, this is a nod to the perils and difficulties of dental hygiene school. Bonus points for the usage of a Lord Of The Rings (we have no idea which one this comes from and we are okay with that fact) joke backdrop.

Grumpy Cat

grumpy cat.jpg

We like this because it can also be classified as “dentist humor”. Featuring Grumpy Cat, this meme sums of the feeling all dental professionals feel when you neglect good oral care habits. Obviously, we all nicer than this satirical snarkiness, of course. But this is super hilarious, right?

Hope this gave you a laugh. And the next time you see your dental hygienist, thank them for being so wonderful!


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