Warm Weather Oral Care Pitfalls

Warm Weather Oral Care Pitfalls

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and your teeth are in danger. Okay, not DANGER, but the warm weather seasons introduce a whole new ballgame of oral care pitfalls.

To assist you in avoiding these, we have put together a roundup of common semi-seasonal smile-damaging habits*.

Not staying hydrated.

We know we say this all the time, but we only keep repeating this because it is SO important for your entire body, including your mouth and teeth. The rising temperatures, coupled with inevitable spring and summer soirées, means that you will doubtlessly be tempted with a variety of dehydrating sugary drinks on a regular basis for the next couple of months.

Steer clear of these though and reach for fruit-infused water instead. Also, we trust that you already know that the high sugar content of sodas and juices can cause cavities and that you totally shouldn’t risk it, right?

Neglecting your dental check ups.

Back-to-back beach weather seasons (well, for us Californians at least!) means that a trip to the dentist often falls far down to-do lists. But, as we never tire of saying, the earlier that you can catch any potential problems, the better.

So be smart and stick to your regular dental check-up schedule. We know that this isn’t the funnest, but it needs to be done for the good of your teeth.

Indulging in super sweet beat-the-heat treats.

This ties in a bit with our first point in this post, but this is geared more towards frozen goodies. Ice cream and popsicles are pretty much the king and queen of the spring and summer snack world, but both of them can really lead to some not-so-excellent oral care issues.

While the having-a-lot-of-sugar component is problematic—duh—another tricky thing about ice cream, popsicles (and not-100%-fruit smoothies, for that matter) is that most people don’t think twice about eating them, which means that a post-meal brushing and flossing session usually doesn’t happen. Boo.

If you must help yourself to the occasional cool treat, be sure to drink a glass of water AND brush and floss after doing so in order to wash away as much residual sugar as possible.

*We are aware that some of these SEEM quite similar points to the ones we outlined in 3 Quick Tips for A Happy & Healthy Summer Smile, but read closer and you’ll see what we mean.

Cheers to a warm weather oral care pitfall-free spring and summer!



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