Your Guide To Throwing An Imaginary Dental-Themed Bash


party new.jpg

Let us begin by saying that we are well aware that the masses aren’t clamoring for teeth-filled soirees. However, this fact doesn’t dampen our enthusiasm for helping those who ARE interested in putting on such an event one bit, even if it never actually happens.

Now, let’s all jump into hypothetical party planning mode. Here is what you would need.

Tooth Balloons

We are thrilled beyond words that are actually quite a few tooth balloons on the market these days, but this simple, but chic one from CafePress is the best in our eyes. A balloon bouquet of these will add some festival flair to any party location.

Kitschy Snacks

You wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to impress your guests with some delicious, kitschy snacks, would you? For specific inspiration on this front, check out 4 Tooth-Themed Treat Recipes We Can’t Stop Fawning Over.

A Smile-Tastic Playlist

Set the mood with a few smile-centric tunes! There are so many songs out there talking about smiling; just pick a couple of peppy, fun ones and you’re good to go.

Happy pretend partying!



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