Summertime Tooth Tips

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We know we have been referencing summer’s impending arrival on our social media channels rather frequently as of late, but we just can’t help it—we are super excited!

In order to help you prepare properly, we have put together three very easy summer oral care tips to start implementing today (and these aren’t the same ones we dished out last year in 3 Quick Tips for A Happy & Healthy Summer Smile).

1. Swap Out Cold Sugary Snacks With Fresh Frozen Fruit

Look, we understand that summer is the season of icy treats. We have talked about it extensively actually. But we still highly recommend that you opt for sliced and chopped bits of chilled fruits rather than reaching for the ice cream or popsicles.

2. Try Out A New Toothpaste Flavor

This may not be the most thrilling way to help celebrate summer, but it is actually pretty fun. Just be sure that your “seasonal” toothpaste is up to par by using our Toothpaste Selection Tips as a guide in your toothpaste shopping adventure.

3. Smile As Much As Possible

Not exactly a TIP, we admit, but we have talked many times about the benefits of smiling and we think your summer could use the physical and mental boost that stems from grinning from ear to ear. Plus, there are plenty of summertime activities that allow you to subtly show off your pearly whites, so take advantages of this by flashing your smile all over town. And the beach. And everywhere you go, really.

Happy summer smile-having!



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