The Perks Of Lasers In Dentistry

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In recent years, more and more dental offices (including ours!) have begun to incorporate laser dentistry into their treatments.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider a laser dental treatment over a traditional one.

1. Bacterial Reduction

Less hand-to-mouth contact means that the likelihood of bacterial contamination or infections. No need for us to elaborate why this is a good thing, right?

2.  A Reduction In Periodontal Pocket Depth

Lasers can allow for less invasive procedures and one shining example of this is that lasers can lead to shallower periodontal pockets.

3. Less Blood

Another obvious one, we know. But how could we not include it? No one wants to experience unnecessary bleeding at the dentist.

4. Gum Stimulation

Gum health is vital to the health of your mouth and opting for a laser treatment may give you the added benefit of gum tissue stimulation. May not sound like a blast, but it is good for your well-being.

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