3 More Twitter Accounts To Follow For A+ Dental Talk


It has been a while since we pointed you towards some top-notch sources of dental chatter on Twitter, so we felt that the time was right to highlight three more of our favorite oral care-obsessed Tweet-ers. Here we go!


While they can occasionally delve into more day-to-day dental office management topics, they more or less provide a good glimpse into what the dental industry is talking about at any given time.  Tweets are typically short and sweet. They also often retweet “fun” memes or tweets (i.e. this adorable photo in honor of #BlackCatAppreciationDay).

Woolton Dental

Terrific mix of informative content and at-a-glimpse tidbits. Their vibe is upbeat and fun and it’s endlessly entertaining (for our fellow dental enthusiasts, at least!) to scroll through their tweets. Keep up the good work, whoever is managing this account!

Beaufort Smiles

Okay, we admit that we only  just recently stumbled upon this one, but it is still pretty grand none the less! This across-the-pond office tends to focus on general oral care issues, which is never a bad thing in our book, but they also take the time to tie these into current events. Not an easy feat, but they do it and they do it well. Kudos to them.

Go follow all of the above (and us, duhhhhhh) on Twitter and keep the dental discussions going.


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