Blue Lip Selfie Time: Mouth Cancer Action Month 2016


It seems like just yesterday we were highlighting the ins and outs of Mouth Cancer Action Month in a blog post (go here to recap), but it was actually a year ago, which means that the time has come for us to turn our attention on the 2016 event.

All month long, this charity campaign will raise awareness about mouth cancer, through fundraisers, events and donation collection efforts.

Oh and by igniting a social media movement centered on blue lip selfies. So fun, right?

So, after you take a time out and read up on this disease—including skimming and sharing mouth cancer signs and symptoms and familiarizing yourself with risk factors—you can swipe on a bright blue lipstick, purchase a set of plastic lips or or hop over to this blue-lip-ifying site to alter an existing selfie before blasting your snap across the social media sphere.

Pucker up!



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