Mouth Cancer: Symptoms & Signs To Look Out For

Once you have puckered up and shared your #BlueLipSelfie with the world via social media, we highly recommend that you do a little self check up (yes, we are big fans of these) in order to ensure that your mouth is free of potential problems.

According to, there are quite a few signs & symptoms that indicate that a professional examination by your doctor and/or dentist may be in order.

These include:

Ulcers that do not heal within three weeks.

White and red patches inside of the mouth.

Unusual lumps or swelling in the head and neck area.

As you attempt to search for these signs and symptoms, be sure to focus your attention on your tongue, the roof of your mouth (you may need a small mirror for this), your lips, your cheeks, below your tongue and your head and neck.

Also, if you find something else that seems a little “off”—including something that isn’t listed above, of course—please do let your doctor or dentist know. As we often say, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your health!

Be sure to repeat this check up every month or so and jot down any discoveries in a notepad that you can bring along to your next appointment!

*If you aren’t up-to-date about this, check out Blue Lip Selfie Time: Mouth Cancer Action Month 2016.