Quirky Toothpaste Flavors: An Exploration

Picking out the right toothpaste requires tenacity. It requires knowledge, strength and fierce determination. Okay, not really. But it can be challenging to find an option that falls in line with our toothpaste selection tips.

To help lower your toothpaste-picking-related stress levels, we invite you to marvel at—and just marvel at, because we aren’t actually necessarily recommending these—the following quirkily flavored toothpastes that we found around the web.

1. Bacon


There are actually numerous bacon toothpastes out there, but this one from Archie Mcphee is our favorite so far. Because why not tantalize your taste buds while you brush, we guess?

2. Orange Mango


We aren’t even going to lie; this orange mango gel from Tom’s Of Maine sounds amazing. Fruity and refreshing? Yes, please!

3. Licorice


Did you know that luxury toothpaste is a thing? And that Marvis kind of has the luxury toothpaste marketing game down pat? Because it is and they do.

While we are also intrigued by their other flavor offerings, their Amarelli Licorice jumped to the top of our purely hypothetical “must-try” list, for what we feel are obvious reasons.

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