How To Bounce Back From A Holiday Indulge-Fest

The holiday season is an endless parade of festive, fun get-togethers where sweet treats and sugary drinks circulate around the room, tempting and teasing you with fanciful flavors. And while we recommend opting out of digging into many of these dishes and beverages, sometimes resolve is tested and it doesn’t hold up.

So, if you have spent the last few days eating and sipping on things you shouldn’t have, follow the following three steps to get back in the healthy swing of things.

1. Return To Your Routines

Even if you still have parties on the horizon, you can—and should—strive to re-incorporate healthy habits into your life. You know, like exercising, drinking plenty of water and brushing and flossing after eating certain tooth-damaging bites. And yes, we had to sneak that last thing in there. We are a dental office, after all!

And, here is the really important part of this point, do this even if you know you are going to indulge at an event down the line.

2. Think Up A Goal

It can be challenging to stop seasonal slip-ups “just like that”, so it helps to pick a concrete object and to write this down. This can be something as simple as deciding to “snack on a plate of healthy fruits and vegetables before heading out to a party.

3. Enlist A Buddy

No need to go it alone; pair up with a pal and provide each other with emotional and moral support. Having someone else to check in with holds you accountable and may encourage you to think about the consequences of doing something instead of merely going for it.

This tactic also works well when it comes to developing and sticking to oral health-related plans too, by the way!

We believe in you!


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