The Fanciest Tooth-Centric Products On The Market

By now, you are probably already clued into our penchant for highlighting intriguing dental products and if you aren’t, you have a lot of old blog posts to peruse.

Anyway, we have taken it upon ourselves to now highlight three of the most lavish and luxurious tooth-related products we could find. As per usual, we are not necessarily endorsing these; this is purely for fun!

Rembrandt Charms Toothbrush Charm In 14k White Gold


First up, we have a toothbrush that isn’t a real toothbrush!.And with its $142.87 price tag, it has definitely earned its spot on this list, no?

This is also available in sterling silver, gold plate, 10k gold and 14k gold. Whew.

Reinast’s Toothbrushes


Categorized by “edition”—Titanium, Champagne, Rose and Matte-Black, in case you were curious, these toothbrushes (with pricing beginning at $4,200), are the epitome of oral care opulence. They also have a laundry list of special features, including an antibacterial coating!

The House Of Solid Gold’s 18k Solid Gold Toothpick


You read that right. There is a solid gold toothpick available. Mega-marvelous stuff. Oh and it costs $500. Seriously, what a world!

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