Behold: Our 5 Favorite Smiling Animal Snaps

Some days just call for a generous dose of silliness, don’t they? And regardless of whether or not you are feeling a bit down in the dumps (though we hope that you aren’t, of course!), we wanted to perk up your mood by highlighting several shots of adorable animal “smiles”.

Number One


First up, we have this happy-looking hippopotamus. Don’t you just want to make this your screensaver?!

Number Two


Photos of sweet, smiling pups are a dime a dozen, but this curly-furred canine managed to catch our attention, thanks to his/her blissfully ecstatic facial expression.

Number Three


This “smile” might be better categorized as a “light grin”, but seeing as this a rhea, we thought we’d give it the benefit of the doubt here.

Number Four


We are betting that you don’t come across a smiling iguana every day! Unless you’re lucky, we guess. This green lizard seems to be enjoying itself. Good for you, Iggy!

Number Five


Rounding out our list is this absolutely precious goat! Awww.

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