Pucker Up: A (Pre-)Valentine’s Day Smile Guide


Valentine’s Day is poking its head around the corner, so we wanted to give you a few pointers for reducing the likelihood of suffering a tooth-related issue come February 14th (you know, in addition to swinging by for a last-minute appointment with us).

1. Go Easy On The Sweets

Much like autumnthe holidays and Halloween, there is just something about this occasion that makes everyone run, run, run to the candy aisle. And we take it that you already know loading up on hyper-sugary bites can negatively impact your oral health since we rant about this constantly.

To avoid this fate, do your best to not slip down this slippery, saccharine slope by instead reaching for fruits, flowers and decorations in order to commemorate this event.

2. Limit Sugary-Drink-Sipping To A Minimum

Popping a bottle of bubbly and toasting to love with your special someone may seem super romantic, but your pearly whites are probably less impressed by this gesture (and remember, many cocktails are even worse).

If you do indulge, pepper in plenty of gulps of water to flush out “oral care offenders”.

3. Squeeze In A Brushing & Flossing Session

Hey, you don’t have to do this mid-date in front of your beloved; you can totally slip off to the bathroom post-meal and treat your teeth to an extra-intensive scrubbing spell. Or have no shame in your game and just be upfront about your dental health obsession—this confession may even lead to a future party.

Happy Valentine’s Day!