Even More Twitter Accounts To Follow For A+ Dental Talk


You may have already listened to us and followed all of the Twitter accounts in our “dental talk” superstars roundupand our subsequent follow-up piece, in which we highlighted a few more noteworthy optionsbut there are more stellar keyboard geniuses with an interest in the oral care field out there.

Here are three Twitter accounts that showcase the latest and greatest industry new items, hilarious jokes and informative content.

1. TheraBreath

While they do post content that directs focus onto their products and brand, they balance this out brilliantly by also doling out relevant tips and pointers, in addition to sharing advice from dental professionals across the globe.

2. Touchstone Dentistry

Cute graphics, helpful insight and a willingness to embrace silly holidays and events (while also using these occasions as an excuse to impart pearly white-related knowledge on the world)? Sign us up!

3. Hudson Orthodontics

Pop culture references are commonplace, as are motivation quotes and adorable memes. Super great overall.

Well, you know what to do.