A Pre-Spring Tooth Care Run-Down

A Pre-Spring Tooth Care Run-Down

Spring has sprung. Okay, not quite. But it will super soon!

To help you get into the gloriously refreshing, revitalizing and delightful spirit of spring, we thought that we would suggest a few ways that you can celebrate the upcoming season in style. And, naturally, we are making it all about oral health care. We can’t help it. It’s what we do.

1. Toss Any Old Toothbrushes You Have Laying Around (Or That You Are Still Using)

One, they are cluttering up your counter and two, not replacing toothbrushes every 3-4 months is a major dental health faux pas. Oh and you can pick up a pastel or brightly-hued one as an ode to the upcoming season too. Just be sure to pick a high-quality one that is ADA-approved.

2. Schedule An Appointment With Your Dentist

Sure, you will want to check in and make sure that your teeth, gums and tongue are thriving, but you can also treat yourself to a professional cleaning.

3Swear Off A Bad-For-Your-Smile Habit

It is a time of new beginnings! Say goodbye to your daily soda, your sporadicor, even worse, your non-existentflossing routine or some other destructive behavior. You don’t have to tackle your tooth-damaging tendencies all at once, but you CAN kick at least one to the curb.

Happy Spring!




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