A Few Floss Selection Tips

flossIf you have ever found yourself strolling up and down an oral care aisle, you will know that there is an array of floss options floating around.

Don’t allow yourself to be swept away into the abyss though; take note of the following three bits of advice and you’ll be super set when it comes to picking up the floss of your dreams.

1. Ignore Any Products That Do Not Have The ADA Seal Of Acceptance

You know who has a pretty great handle on judging dental products? The American Dental Association. Considering a product that lacks their stamp of approval is probably not the best idea.

So, limit to your choices to flosses that they have already given a thumbs-up to.

For what it’s worth, you should do this when you are picking out a toothpaste or a toothbrush too.

2. Understand That All Floss Is Not The Same

Some flosses are textured. Some are “waxed”. Some are flavored. And on and on. Our point is that there is no shortage of possibilities here so just grabbing whatever product you spot first doesn’t necessarily mean that you will end up with something that works for your teeth.

3. Ask Your Dentist Or Dental Hygienist For A Personalized Recommendation

Your dentist and/or your or dental hygienist has been up close and personal with your pearly whites many times before. They know your oral health issues, your tooth history and, believe it or not, they probably will have no problem suggesting a floss that will fit your needs perfectly.

Great, now you can make us super happy by flossing like a boss in comfort AND with a smile on your face!


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