Let’s Discuss: Chocolate Chip Day (And How You Can Celebrate It Without Harming Your Teeth)

national chocolate chip day

We are out and proud fans of wacky holidays. Remember how enthused we were about Popcorn Day? We can’t help it, we will always embrace any excuse to laugh and smile.

For National Chocolate Chip Day—which evidently takes place on May 15th every year—we wanted to welcome you to commemorate this silly occasion with us. Kind of.

Now, biting into chocolate chips isn’t the best bet for preserving a healthy smile (they do contain sugar, after all), but they do tend to do less damage than many other treats, like sticky lollipops and hard candies.

So, sprinkle a few into your day today, but please be sure to brush and floss after indulging, as per usual. Doing so rinses away any pesky, and potentially problematic, sweet bits that were left lodged in your pearly whites.

Happy Chocolate Chip Day!



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