3 Ways That Parents Can Lower The Likelihood Of Dental Office Temper Tantrums

3 Ways That Parents Can Lower The Likelihood Of Dental Office Temper Tantrums

Dragging your little ones to the dentist isn’t always the most enjoyable experience. But, in addition to implementing as many dentist-approved tactics as possible, you can make your life a little easier by taking note of the following three tips.

1. Tell Them About Your Dental Appointments

You’d be surprised how much kids pick up. If they hear you frequently (and nonchalantly) mention your own dental to-dos, they may begin to realize that a visit to the dentist is merely a step that one takes towards living a healthier life and not a totally traumatic occasion that calls for a temper tantrum.

This can also help them to become more accustomed to the idea overall. Allow them to ask questions too!

2. Don’t Bribe

We know how stubborn some children can be…and that only the promise of a toy or treat can cause their determination to waver.

But, before you take this route, consider the fact that you are inadvertently telling them that a trip to the dentist is a negative thing, as it seems to warrant an award of sorts.

A better method may be planning a fun post-appointment outing after all of the smile-related matters are taken care of —without drawing a correlation to this and the dentist.

3. Find A Dentist That They Like

Some dentists are just not well-suited for the unique set of challenges that some mini-patients present. Others may not be able to interact with children in a way that sets kids at ease. Unsurprisingly, being able to keep kids calm and happy is actually a pretty important part of setting the stage for a successful and stress-free visit, so NOT being able to do this is kind of a red flag.

Poke around a bit before you commit your child to one dentist. Check reviews of potential dentists, making sure to keep an eye out for comments on their overall abilities, as well as whether or not they are parent and kid-approved. If you find someone that sounds promising, book an appointment and see how that goes.

Good luck, parents!

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