The Great Summer Snack & Sip Swap

The Great Summer Snack Swap

Summertime is going to be here soon. Yay! But there are a few downsides to this time of year. In addition to the impact that sunshine can have on your smile and warm weather oral care pitfalls, there are a variety of seasonal dental downsides to considerand most of them are food-related.

So, to help you step away from the sugary treats and save your smile, we suggest implementing the following three “swaps”.

1. Reach For Frozen Fruit Instead Of Popsicles

Frozen fruit is delicious. While some options contain a lot of sugar, generally-speaking, it is always a better bet to indulge in frozen fruit than it is to chow down on dye and sweetener-packed popsicles or other icy treats.

Plus, you can even blend frozen fruit up to create “ice cream”. Just be sure to brush and floss after digging in.

2. Pick Up Iced Tea Instead Of Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is, in theory, a wonderful summertime pick-me-up; it boosts energy and the chilly temperature might cool you down a tad. In reality though, most iced coffee drinks have quite a lot of sugar (and syrups) added to them, making them far from smile-friendly.

What’s a tooth-conscious person to do? Well, we suggest ordering an iced unsweetened herbal tea and plopping in a few pieces of fruit or a sprinkle of herbs—like mint!—for flavor’s sake.

3. Munch On Popcorn Instead Of Salted Chips

An excess of salt isn’t great for your body or your mouth and, for whatever reason, it is way too easy to eat an insane amount of chips without really registering that you’re doing so. So, the next time you’re tempted to toss some ridiculously-flavored chip bag into your cart, hop over to the popcorn aisle instead.

There is some fine print though…be sure to heed our tips for a mouth-happy popcorn habit.

If you have any questions, you know where to find us.