Save Your Smile: Summer Edition

Save Your Smile Summer Edition

By now, you know that we enjoy nothing more than dishing out summer-centric oral care tidbits. To date, we have served up tipswords of warning and plenty of advice.

Well, there is more where that came from! Take note of the following three pieces of smile-saving insight.

1. Wear Goggles

Taking a dip in the water is an absolute treat. Less fun though is crashing into the side of the pool or into unseen obstacles and experiencing a cracked tooth or damaged gums.

We know that donning these may look a bit strange, but we’d argue that wandering around with half a tooth and a bloody mouth is even stranger.

2. Be Wary Of Whitening Treatments

We’ll say it again; a sunshine-packed season is an especially terrible time to experiment with non-dentist-approved whitening treatments. Everyone wants to pull out their sparkling pearly whites this time of year, but the best route to this is—surprise, surprise—taking great care of your teeth, always.

3. Scoop Up The Vitamin D

You may be shielding yourself from intense sun rays for the sake of your health (and good for you!), but it might be a solid idea to pick up some Vitamin D from the pharmacy. It is really an all-around smile-booster.

Happy summertime smiling!



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