How To (Sort Of) BBQ-Proof Your Teeth

How To (Sort Of) BBQ-Proof Your Teeth

It’s barbecue season! Prepare to dig into grilled goodies while enjoying the sunshine AND keeping your smile happy by implementing the following four tips.

1.Veggie It Up

Pile your plate with plenty of vegetables. Not only are these good for your overall health; chowing down on certain veggies can rid your teeth of detrimental left-over debris. Let’s raise a carrot to that!

2.  Don’t Forget Your Floss

Flossing is almost always a good move (duh), right? For whatever reason, barbecue dishes tend to lead to a lot of “you-have-something-in-your-teeth”-ing. Beyond embarrassment, this can cause some un-fun dental issues down the line. Sauce-soaked meat shouldn’t be taking a vacation in between your teeth, you know?

Oh and you might as well bring along your toothbrush and have a quick post-meal tooth-cleaning session.

3. Say No To Spices

We aren’t saying that you should swear off all spicy foods, but loading up on them may have you experiencing an episode of acid reflux, which wears down your teeth’s enamel.

4. Stick To The Shade Whenever Possible

We won’t bore you with the details on why the sun isn’t all too golden for your teeth yet again, but we will suggest that you slather on the sunscreen, swipe on the UV-blocking chap-stick, sip the h20 and stay away from the sun’s rays for extended periods of time.

Have fun out there!




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