3 Extra Entertaining Dental Facts

3 Extra Entertaining Dental Facts

We often marvel over outrageous, interesting and odd bits of knowledge that are tied to the oral care industry on social media.

But, in our opinion, you can’t have too many dental facts, so here are three of our current favorites!

1. Cotton Candy Was Invented By A Dentist

A dentist named William Morrisonalongside confectioner John C. Whartondeveloped the super sweet treat in 1897. The duo seems to have dubbed their candy, “Fairy Floss”.

We don’t need to tell you that shoveling cotton candy into your mouth is actually really horrible for your teeth, right? Right.

2. The Most Valuable Tooth In Recorded History Was From Sir Isaac Newton’s Mouth

The English mathematician-physicist-scientist’s pearly white was reportedly sold at a London auction in 1816 (more than half a century after his death) for £730, which would be equivalent to about $37,500 today.

Oh and the buyer may have had it set into a ring. Ummmm. Can’t co-sign that idea, but it’s pretty fascinating, nonetheless.

3.  Mosquitoes Have Forty-Seven Teeth

And that is 47 too many, in our opinion.

Go on and wow your loved ones with these!