The Healthy Teeth-Seeker’s Guide To National Milk Chocolate Day

happy almost milk chocolate day

We simply can’t just let ridiculous/fun holidays slide by without acknowledging them, especially when they can be harnessed and transformed into an oral health lesson of sorts. It’s our thing, you know?

Well, National Milk Chocolate Day will be rolling around on July 28th, so we thought that we would do what we could to prepare you for this sure-to-be-choco-packed event. Here are four quick notes.

1. If you are going to treat yourself, also treat yourself to a post-snack brushing and floss session.

Yes, we say this a lot. Because we mean it! Follow this up with a big glass of water to flush out any left-behind food particles.

2. Don’t get too wild.

As always, keep in mind that chowing down on a whole pile of sugar-packed goodies is always a big no-no in our books.

Also, we know it’s less on-the-nose, but picking up dark chocolate would be a better bet for your smile (LIVESTRONG has more details, if you’re interested). Hey, it’s still a sweet indulgence, right?

3. Milk Is Your Friend

Why not embrace just the first half of this holiday? Sure, there is actually a “World Milk Day”, thanks to the Global Dairy Platformit evidently took place on June 1st earlier this year—but sipping on this beverage is a tooth-boosting move no matter how you slice it.

4. Be Creative In Your Celebration

There are other ways to pay homage to milk chocolate besides eating it. For example, picking up some themed merchandise, like these Redbubble hilarious chocolate stickers or this chocolate milk phone case. Just sayin’!

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