Gym To-Don’ts: Workout Warnings For Healthy Teeth-Seekers

Gym To-Don'ts-Workout Warnings

Going to the gym is a great way to take care of your body. But you may actually be committing some oral care faux pas while you are sweating it out.

Here are three work-out “do-nots”.

1. Clenching Your Teeth While Lifting

This is evidently a rather common habit and it seems that most people are completely unaware that they do this. Next time you are pushing it into high gear at the gym, take a time out and see whether you are guilty of this tooth sin.

Focus on deep breathing to minimize this occurrence. We also suggest that you consider scooping up a dentist-approved custom mouth guard (and we have already rounded up some super snazzy, just-for-fun options for your enjoyment).

2. Sipping Sports Drinks

Believe it or not, many beverages that are touted as being “healthy”, revitalizing wonders are actually packed with sweeteners and chemicals. We think that you know by now that neither of these ingredients are good for your pearly whites.

You know what will hydrate you without sneaking sugar into your life? Water.

Stick with H20 as much as possibleand triple-check the labels when you opt for anything else.

3. Sneaking In A Rushed Mini-Meal

Protein-packed snacks are often devoured post-workout for a variety of reasons…and this makes total and perfect sense.

However, it is worth mentioning that many of these on-the-go eats, such as protein bars, are sticky or chewy. Be sure to brush and floss after chowing down to ensure that those left-behind food particles do not end up causing dental issues down the line.

Keep those teeth in tip-top shape, too!