3 More Smile-Friendly Halloween Ideas

When it comes to Halloween preparations and plans, candy is sort of the go-to “staple”.

However, there are so many better-for-your-smile ways to welcomeand to celebratethe spooky season.

We showcased a few way back when, but here are three more.

1. Halloween Slime

Halloween slime

Slime has become all the rage in recent years. This homemade Halloween slime recipe is a great, festive endeavor to try out with kids, obviously. Cheers to Little Bins for Little Hands!

2. A Horrifying Tooth-Tastic Makeup Look

teeth tutorial

Show loved ones what slacking on the brushing and flossing just might do (kidding) by debuting this scary, tooth-tastic makeup look, thanks to this tutorial from petrilude on WonderHowTo.

At, you know, like a Halloween party. Not just around town, because it is pretty creepy.

3. Fang Backdrop Decorations

fangs two

Teeth-themed décor? Yes, please! This simple, yet somehow sweet tutorial from Cupcakes and Cutlery is so freakin’ fun. The bright hues and simply design keep this from veering into “too scary” territory too.

Hope you enjoy these as much as we did!