Cheers: A Few Holiday Food & Drink Swaps

Cheers-A Few Holiday Food & Drink Swaps

We have been warning you about holiday goodies a lot of late. But today, we are here with some fun, cheerful, better-for-your-smile alternatives to must-eat dishes!

Cranberry Sauce

Instead of serving up traditional cranberry sauce, fill a little dish with fresh cranberries. Squeeze a pinch of lemon on this and voila!

Creamy Dips

Dips often contain a surprising amount of calories, sugars and fats! Opt for hummus instead.

Syrupy Seasonal Coffee Concoctions

If you must indulge with a piping mug of something sweet, scoop up a (preferably homemade) cup of hot dark chocolate. Less is more.


Okay, so this one isn’t exactly a swap per se, but always reach for gingerbread cookies over gingerbread cake. Limit icing and add-ons though.

Brush & floss after eating these!