Gum Fun: How This Candy Can Help (And Hurt) Your Smile


Is gum splendid or horrendous for your teeth? Good question! Well, it really depends on a few factors.

But, you can likely chew away without a care in the world if you follow these three pointers.

1. Stay Away From Bubblegum

It’s almost always going to be packed with super sweet ingredients; bits of these may end up lodged in between your pearly whites. Cavities are not fun. Skip over these in favor of (preferably minty) chewing gums instead.

2. Stick With “Sugar-Free”

Makes sense, eh? Chomping down repeatedly on a sugar-filled, sticky blob is just asking for oral care issues down the line. But the good news is that healthier alternatives do exist.

Quick note! Even “sugar-free” gum packs probably contain artificial flavorsmany of which may not be the most wondrous for your mouth. So be wary and cautious. Read labels!

3. Treat It Like…A Treat

Grabbing a stick of gum is easy. It doesn’t usually feel remotely similar to sitting down to dig into a cookie or a slice of cake. But viewing it as an indulgence (especially if you aren’t able to get your hands on a sugar-free, dentist-approved variety) can be a helpful move.

No reason not to swig a cup of water once you spit out your gum. Or to squeeze in a quick flossing and brushing session. Both, ideally!

Gum on.


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