3 Winter Oral Care Pointers

winter 2

Chillier weather can inspire not-so-wonderful oral health habits. Stay vigilant!

You can (and should) also utilize these three strategies to ensure that your teeth stay in tip-top shape.

1. Warm Up With Tea, Not Coffee

Preferably green tea! Way too many java drinks include add-ins like artificial syrups and sweeteners, which sneaks bad-for-your-teeth sugar into your mornings. Plus, tea can be a healthier morning boost, especially if you make the right adjustments.

2. Step Outside

Not getting enough Vitamin D can impact your mood and your mouth.  Plus, staying cooped up indoors for long periods of time can be a bit bleak. Go for a walk. Head out for a hike. Get out there and do something! If you live in certain climates, you may also want to think about picking up a Vitamin D supplement.

3. Pamper Your Pout

Cracked, dry lips make it hard to smile! And who wants that? Lightly exfoliate them every few days with a specialized scrub and follow this up with a healthy helping of lip balm or chapstick. Stay hydrated too; it helps.

See you later!