5 Ways To Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month With Your Kids

3 Ways To Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month With Your Kids. 1.jpg

February is here, which also means that it is, once againNational Children’s Dental Health Month.

Here are five ways that you can pay homage to this event with the kids in your life.

1. Make A Tooth Fairy “Mailbox”

Yup, we really love this ideaWhether or not you are currently dealing with loose baby teeth, now is a great time to focus on this cute activity.

2. Buy Them A Flavored Toothpaste And/Or Floss

Yummy, silly and exciting options are everywhereReally. Just double-check that whatever you scoop up is approved for kids and that it boasts the ADA seal of approval.

3. Chip In To The Cause

Consider donating oral care supplies to a local dental health foundation that focuses on families. Ask your child to assist you in picking out products for little ones in need!

You can also use this event as an excuse to contribute to other worthwhile charities.

5. Pick Up Mouth-Healthy Snacks For Them To Munch On

We have a few suggestions! Unsweetened yogurt, sugar-free gum, strawberries and cranberries. Or cheese, apples and pears. Get pointers from your dentist if you’re on the fence about a given food item.

5. Schedule An Appointment For Them

Not the most riveting, perhaps, but it is vital to have regular check-ups, so as to catch potential problems as early as possible. Temper tantrums or not.

Happy National Children’s Dental Health Month.

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