The Java Jolt: How Coffee Can Damage Your Teeth

coffee 3

Coffee concoctions may be scrumptious, but they may also secretly be contributing to a less-than-terrific smile situation.

Here’s how…

1. They Can Stain Teeth

Sorry. However, you can minimize the chances of this by using a straw and by brushing and flossing right after you finish your beverage.

2. They Typically Contain Loads Of Sugar

It’s horrifying, actually. Syrups, sweeteners and artificial flavorings are going to do your pearly whites no favors. On the contrary, they may increase the odds of you ending up with cavities or other oral care issues.

3. They Are Frequently Paired With Impromptu Snacks

How often have you picked up a bite to eat on a whim in a coffee shop? Exactly.

Plus, most of the goodies that “go” with coffee are starchy and sweet. Think about it! Donuts. Jam-filled croissants. Walnut bread. And on and on. It all adds up!

Perking up without a cup of joe is possible! Do a few jumping jacks. Chow down on an apple. Drink ice cold water. Sip tea. Or research other options.