Say So Long To Soda: Why You Should Probably Stop Sipping On This Bubbly Beverage

soda two

Soda is beloved by many. But it is typically a very poor dietary choice from an oral health standpoint. It contains quite a lot of sugar/artificial sweeteners and it adds plenty of calories to your daily tally without providing your body with essential nutrients the way a balanced meal would.

Diet options are arguably slightly (and we do mean slightly better), but they are still very acidic, which can damage teeth enamel. Your best bet is to steer clear of all sodas.

At the very least, cut back your consumption to the occasional can, treating this as a dessert. Following this up with a glass of water and an extra thorough brushing and flossing session is highly-advised.

Struggling to stay away? Try out these three tactics!

1. Swap It Out With A Healthier Drink

Many folks have a tough time with suddenly stopping a certain ritual that centers on a not-so-fabulous-for-your-well-being habit. So, make a substitution instead! Try flavored water or a well-chosen iced tea.

2. Don’t Have It Readily Available

You will probably be way less likely to cave into your soda-craving whims if you have to go out of your way to indulge. Don’t keep soda in your fridge. Or even in your house. At least for the first few weeks! Failing to toss it will just add more temptation to your life.

3. Speak Up

Let your coworkers and your loved ones know that you are making it a goal to forgo soda. Telling others helps to hold you accountable.

Bye for the time being.