Mouth Lumps & Bumps: When To Worry


Every once in a while, you just might discover an odd bump or lump on your tongue, cheeks or gums. What to do?

As a general rule, you should play it safe and notify your dentist of any odd or irregular oral health peculiarity that may arise. Perhaps they will simply assure you that it is nothing to worry about, but at least they are aware of the situation. Plus, it can help you both keep an eye out for other issues down the line.

Before scheduling in an appointment, you may want to sit down and jot down a few details.

1.When Did You First Notice The Bumps?

You may not be able to pin down exactly when they cropped up, but having a general timeline can prove helpful.

2. What Has Changed Since Your Last Visit?

Are you dealing with more stress? Eating different foods? Being less than thorough when it comes to brushing and flossing every day? Be honest!

3. Are You Experiencing Any Other Mouth Woes?

From bleeding gums to an unexplained sore throat, it is vital to speak up about other things that are going on in your body. It may shed light on what is going on.

Stay vigilant!