3 More Secretly Sugar-Packed Snacks To Avoid


Yes, there are more! Keep a careful eye out for these sneaky sugar offenders.

1.Certain Cereals

Reaching for “healthy”-seeming picks seems like a great way to start your day, right? Which is why it is oh-so-important to make sure you actually are! And this goes for granola too! When in doubt, plump for plain choices and just add your own toppings (i.e. fruit or dried nuts) to zest it up.  

2. Pre-Made Popcorn

Kettle, buttered, cheesy; none of these are all that splendid, nutrition-wise. Plus, they are likely far from fresh. Make it yourself instead and keep it simple. It’s better that you know for certain which ingredients made it onto your plate.

3. Condiments

From ketchup to barbecue sauce, squeezing on these flavor-boosting options can actually impact your pearly whitesand not in a good way. That is not to say that you must banish these from your diet; just be sure to triple-check the nutrition label before digging in.

Bye for now!