Acidic Foods: How To Enjoy These Without Harming Your Teeth


Acidic foods can be zesty and delicious, but you should be very careful about how (and when) you dig into them.

Why? Well, frequent exposures to acidic foods can erode enamel, making teeth more susceptible to decay over time. They can also irritate mouth sores. Obviously, this isn’t superb for your overall oral health.

However, there are steps that you can take to lessen the risk a bit.

1. Research Which Foods Fall Into This Category

Because there are way more than you’d think. Citrus fruits are really just the tip of the iceberg. (And some are worse than others, which is worth keeping in mind as well!)

2. Limit How Often You Consume These

Probably not what you were hoping to hear, but it is true. As a general rule, strive to keep acidic foods off of your plate and out of your diet on a regular basis.

3. Sip Water While You Chow Down

That is pretty simple, no? It may help wash away left behind particles too.

4. Pair Them With Foods That Have A Higher pH Level

Balance is everything. Adding cheese, whole grains and lean means (and so on) to your meal may work in your favor.

5. Don’t Brush Right After You Eat

Wait thirty minutes or so first! And please, please, please use a fluoride-boasting toothpaste that is ADA-approved.

Be sure to keep up with your dental appointments, so that you dentist can make sure that your teeth are in tip-top shape.