3 Non-Candy-Related Ways To Start Celebrating Halloween

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We adore Halloween season. We also adore keeping grins cavity-free. So, please enjoy the following three non-candy related ways to embrace and embody the Halloween spirit.

1. Carving Pumpkins

A complete classic. Scoop up a few pumpkins and get to it, surrounded by your loved ones. Go wild with the faces too; lots of room to play around with hilarious-looking chompers.

Oh and feel free to snack on the seeds for a smile-boosting bump! Your pearly whites (and your taste-buds) will be grateful.

2. Going Apple Picking

Unconventional? A tad. But biting into crisp autumn apples is not only delicious, it can also help your mouth flourish. Yum. Plus, you can stock up and have plenty of fruits to munch on, afterwards. Win-win!

Tie this into Halloween by decorating these with your loved ones. Plop on some “scary” stickers or dress them up as witches. Silly and fun!

3. Doing Crafts

Themed slime counts, right? The good news is there is plenty of inspiration and ideas splashed across the web. From DIY decorations to hilarious costumes, you will have so many options to sort through. Make it a group activity and blast a Halloween playlist, for extra impact.

More coming your way soon!