A Parents’ Guide To A Post-Halloween Oral Care “Refresh”


Halloween may have come and gone, but you’re probably going to be dealing with the aftermath for a while. Whew.

Sugar-packed treats can cause cavities (and they aren’t splendid for your little one’s overall health anyway), which is why you might want to shift into damage control mode to minimize future oral health issues, now.

1. Prioritize Hydration

First and foremost, aim to stick with water and milk, at least for the next few days. Indulging in treat after treat tends to lead to dry mouths and tummy aches, so it’s especially important to keep H20 in plain sight.

2. Prepare (and Insist Upon) Regular, Healthy Meals

Unfortunately, plenty of kids would happily skip dinner, so that they could instead chow their way through chocolate and candies galore. Not a great idea, for a multitude of reasons. Make mealtimes mandatory and do your best to add in extra veggies and lean proteins.

Oh and be aware that there is likely some sneaky at-school sweet trading going on at school, so go wild on the good-for-grins lunches too.

3. Do A “Candy Clean Up”

Certain confectionery choices are worse than others. Toss out the worst offenders, if possible.

One strategy to prevent push-back or temper tantrums is to come up with a points system. For example, handing over a certain number of Halloween goodies may rack up enough “credit” for them to select a small toy or a new clothing item at their favorite store.

PS: If your kiddo is not open to this, you may have to hold onto their stash and hand out a previously-agreed-upon number of candies every few days.

4. Stay Vigilant About Their Flossing & Brushing Sessions

Very important. Washing away left-behind particles may prevent an an entire array of dental woes.

5. Schedule A Dental Check-Up

Has it been a minute since junior had an appointment? Well, then it is the perfect time to pencil one in, right?

Good luck!