The Scoop On Fruit Juice & Your Teeth


Fruit juice is a staple in many households. However, should it be? Some worry that fruit juice may negatively impact your overall oral health.

You can minimize potential pitfalls of this drink by…

1. Keeping An Eye Out For Sugar

Fruit juice has enough sugar as is; steer clear of options that have thrown in extra sweeteners! Completely unnecessary.

2. Reaching For Blends

Luckily, more and more beverage brands are starting to add vegetables to their recipes (for example, you might see a combination of apple, kale and mango). Obviously, it’s not quite as wonderful for you as digging into freshly-washed leafy greens, but it is generally better than pure fruit juice.

Quick note though; sipping citrus can be tricky when it comes to your teeth, so try to think about this when selecting a juice.

3. Limiting Yourself

Even if you have managed to find the healthier pick on the planet, you should still be mindful of how often, and how much, juice you consume. One small glass a day, if that, is more than enough.

4. Sipping Water

Drinking H20 while enjoying the occasional cup of OJ (or what-have-you) is always a good idea. It may wash away left-behind bits and pieces, which may prevent them from getting lodged in between your teeth…though you should still absolutely floss!

(You can even add a splash or two to your juice, to dilute it a bit. It won’t compromise the flavor, we promise.)