Discolored Teeth: A Few Things To Know


Discolored teeth are way more common than you’d might imagine and there are, in many cases, solutions floating around. But, sometimes, simply scooping up a whitening toothpaste isn’t enough.

Work your way through the following four steps, to start.

1. Brush Up On Your Dental Knowledge

Reading up on the causes of discolored teeth. Knowledge is power and you will be better equipped to come up with a corrective strategy if you have an idea of what might be going on in your mouth. Do you often over-indulge when it comes to stain-causing foods? Are you taking any medication? Are genetics playing a part? Think about it!

2. Check Whether You Are Brushing & Flossing Properly (And Long/Often Enough)

Poor oral care habits may not be solely to blame, but skipping regular brushing and flossing sessions certainly won’t improve your situation. Two full minutes, twice a day. Be smart, be vigilant. And be picky about your oral care equipment and goodies.  

3. Put Down The Tobacco

Obviously, smoking (or chewing tobacco) is not going to help you achieve a gleaming, glorious grin. Plus, it will likely cause plenty of other health issues. Make it a priority to leave the cigarettes behind you, sooner than later.

4. Discuss Your Concerns With Your Dentist

Arguably, the most important point. No one is better suited to advise you on this matter than your dentist, actually. Ask for recommendations and insight at your next appointment. You won’t regret it.

See you soon!