How Mid-Meal Munching Can Ruin Your Smile

snack one

Sticking to a strict breakfast, lunch and dinner routine can be a challenge. Cravings can pop up anytime and there are plenty of snacking opportunities scattered throughout the day, unfortunately.

Bad news though; your mid-meal munching habit might not be helping your oral health situation.

Why? Because nibbling on whatever you have on hand is not great for your teeth.  Here are three reasons why.

1.The Options Tend To Be Less Healthy

In-office sweet treats, we are looking at you! For whatever reason, many on-the-go indulgences include sugar-packed picks. Needless to say, adding these to your daily nutritional tally is not a good idea. And don’t even get us started on sodas and sports drinks!

2. Food Particles Are Left Behind

Do you brush and floss after biting into a granola bar? Probably not. Failing to wash away food particles may ultimately lead to cavities. And who wants that? Not us. If you find yourself occasionally grazing, be sure to squeeze in a thorough post-eating brushing & flossing session. (Yes, every single time.)

3. Filling Up On Junk Leaves Less Room For Good-For-You Dishes

If you scarf down a few cookies or a donut and a frothy coffee concoction on your way home. Will you be hungry enough to sit down and enjoy a balanced, healthy supper in a few hours? Hm.

Do your best to avoid chowing down outside of mealtimes.