What Not To Do At The Dentist

You know what you should do at the dentist, right? Well, here is what you should not do.

1.Show Up Late (Especially Sans Warning)

Running way behind? Ring up the front desk and let them know. They might even recommend rescheduling, rather than stressing yourself out by rushing over. It’s a mutually beneficial move.

2. Lie

Fibbing about your oral care habits will do you no favors, for several reasons. Plus, your dentist can probably tell that you are lying. Be honest and upfront!

3. Ignore Their Advice

Perhaps you have been lackadaisical about flossing or staying away from sugary snacks, despite previous discussions about these questionable habits. Or maybe you choose to continue puffing away on cigarettes, even though you have been informed about what this can mean for your health. Not great.

Your dentist and their team are experts in their field. Don’t take their advice with a grain of salt! They are just trying to help you achieve your healthiest, happiest grin.

Now, if you have serious qualms about their qualifications or methods (or even whether or not they are a good fit for you), that is another story.

4. Bite Back Questions & Concerns

Whether or not you suffer from dental anxiety, it can be difficult to start a chat about medical mattersespecially when you are out of your element, so to speak.

However, your dentist and dental office staff wants to hear from you! Worried about an upcoming procedure? Tentative about how much a treatment will cost? Tell them! Then a solution can be sorted out. Excellent, no?

Hope your next visit is superb.